Lost access - nonprofit website

Our all-volunteer nonprofit has a website with the domain name jcreservoir.org (and I believe it has an alternate name - new.jcreservoir.org). The person who created the site is no longer serving on our Board, nor is the person who had been updating the site. It appears the permissions were not transferred over when they stopped working with the organization.

I’ve tried to access the panel using the organizational email (jcreservoir@gmail.com) but it appears that email is no longer the one associated with the account. Not sure if the hosting fee is being paid anymore either, which could be the issue.

I’ve tried to contact Dreamhost but without access to the panel or credit card info., it’s not clear to me that my messages have gone through.

How can we get access? I hate to lose all of the work that was done.

Hi CynthiaH, sorry this has happened to you. I volunteer for non-profits and I know how quickly some things can go bad when a key person leaves. Unfortunately we cannot do much to help you on the forums: you need to contact DreamHost Support (pick ‘other’ from the dropdown list on https://dreamhost.com/support).

I cannot guarantee that even DreamHost support team can help in this particular case but if there is a chance to recover the site it’s through them. Get ready to provide more information, including the domain name, the names of the person involved before, any bank statements or something else that can help DreamHost identify you as a legitimate representative of the non-profit organization.

Good luck!