Losing emails

I’m getting very frustrated with DH. I’ve received far too many phone calls from business associates in the last few weeks, asking “why have you not responded to my emails?”

I go through intermittent periods when an alarming number of emails are just not getting to me. I’ve also noticed that I’ve suddenly begun to receive zero spam–after having not touched the spam filter settings (I turned off the spam filters months ago). I’ve logged in and checked my email settings, and there’s nothing that should be causing any of these issues.

In the past hour or so, I’ve sent several emails to my DH addresses from non-DH accounts. Nothing shows up.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Again, everything is as it should be. The settings don’t change from day to day, but whether or not I receive my email–via Mail, webmail, iPhone, you name it–certainly does.

personally i don’t rely on DH for mail. i use gmail hiding behind my domain. for that kind of critical communication, i just don’t think DH’s infrastructure is reliable enough, especially compared to the resources, and redundancy, of Google.

I second the Google motion, and that’s probably the response you’re going to get from Support. Even DreamHost doesn’t give themselves glowing reviews on email.

Just for kicks, for your mailbox, Edit it so it’s still Fully Hosted, but add a Forwarding address about 2/3 the way down the Fully Hosted section. Then see if stuff gets forwarded but not dropped in your mailbox. As far as I know, mail that goes through a Forwarder doesn’t get any filtering or other treatment. It’s a blind handoff.

what about the reverse? use Gmail, and forward all Gmail to DH and see if they stay in sync? :stuck_out_tongue: