Looks like support is catching up

I just submitted a request and the current queue is only 203, which is down considerably from 1-2 weeks ago.

If it’s anything like my current issue, the marked it resolved without actualy resolving ANY of the three issues I had.

That will always diminish the queue.


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I received a response in less than 45 minutes!

You can rate me as pleased!

Hi !

I just joined Dreamhost. My last web hoster was just too horrible (no email support, VERY slow servers, less than 90% uptime and no phone. Worst, basicly nothing was automate, so no service, you are screwed)

Anyway, before joining Dreamhost (that one of my friend refer me) I contacted the support many time.
In 2 days, I have sent 8 emails. all of them was replyed in less than 2 hours (most of them in less than 1 hours)

if they are always like that, I don’t know how I could complain (I’m also quite good with unix server, so I won’t need them often)

Hope this new trip will be great. I’m here for 1 year, will see after.

Welcome to Dreamhost!

I’m glad to hear that your experience with support has been positive… I expect that you’ll going to be happy. I’ve been with DH for four years and I’m not planning on going anywhere.

There have been one or two people trying to stir up trouble by complaining a lot, so it’s good to see other people posting about being happy.

A couple of people complaining a lot, huh? I take it that you’ve not had problems, and therefore the problems some of us have been reporting must be false? It may come as a surprise that there are problems, such as slow PHP performance and high server load, and I will talk about it until it either gets fixed or I get fed up and move elsewhere. There has been maybe one person on these boards who is vitriolic (and borderline astroturfing) but that doesn’t invalidate the problems.

jeepers, iri, i had to look up those words just to figure out what you thought of me :stuck_out_tongue: (viri-whose-a and astro-whatty)

seriously though, it is nice to see the que shrink out of the stratosphere, hopefully they can keep this up. They still have problems though and throwing extra money at referrals and increasing disk space/bandwith isnt what made them good in the first place and sure won’t be what makes them good again if they ever reach that point.


I’m not trying to devalue your concerns, but I’m making a point.

A lot of the complaints have been about slow responses from support and the backed-up queue.

It seems to me that support is getting their head above water and pruning down the backlog they’ve had, which I would assume means that the friendly DH staff have more time to working on their to-do lists (hopefully addressing some of the concerns you have).

<<There have been one or two people trying to stir up trouble by complaining a lot, so it’s good to see other people posting about being happy.>>

one or two, con?

that is quite astounding since the support que hit 732 on Friday before the huge recent dropoff (which is good :slight_smile: )

It is what it is…and btw, conspicuous, you cannot get that meaty $100 referral for simply welcoming a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:



i mean its not funny if thats what they did (just dumped the que)…but you have a good point, time will tell


I thought you moved to 1&1 a week ago? May I ask why you’re still here?

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

I might be passionate, macman, but im no idiot…I always keep around a back up provider just in case things go south. It’s not very difficult to make friends in the webhosting world when you are throwing around $100 bills at everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a good plan, but it would be nice to hear something other than negative feedback from you sometimes. Not that I’m complaining.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.


I understand your point. Sorry about my spaz … your post caught me in a bad mood.

As far as the support queue thing goes… two tickets in the queue or twenty thousand tickets in the queue, as long as my ticket moves through the queue to number one in reasonable amount of time it’s all good. I do hope that the support is getting on top of things.

Of course I’m still clocking at 12 days 22 hours on the server-move, but at least Brian of DH support fame told me around 36 hours ago that he was in the process of moving my account to a new server. Nonetheless that’s a long time for a ticket, and certainly for a server-move. I’ve been hoping that the DH support has been working feverishly to correct whatever’s wrong with their back-end and that that’s why they’ve been slow on this issue – I’d much rather have that than a canned messages devoid of content. I’m also hoping that DH support hasn’t just decided to give up on supporting our account…

<<That’s a good plan, but it would be nice to hear something other than negative feedback from you sometimes. Not that I’m complaining.>>

hmm…p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e things??? what is this you speak of macman? :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously though, i only lost 6 formmail submittals today, which is far below average :slight_smile:

uh…my update uploads only timed out twice…

and lastly, my current support issue has only been in que for about 5 hours as of the time i’m writing this message…

is this any better?

oh and btw, the pittsburgh pirates are going to the world series this year :smiley: <<thats positive

also, we only had a bit over an inch of snow today<<another positive

lastly, we are actually going to eclipse the freezing mark on monday :smiley: <<<very positive…i love the snow, but spring isnt such a bad season either :stuck_out_tongue:


See, there you go. Being a smart-ass again. So, you’ve moved to 1&1, and you have nothing nice to say about DreamHost. In fact, you seem to have an unending supply of negative feedback. Again, why are you still here? And, why on Earth are you keeping DreamHost as a backup host? Honestly, with the way you put it, you should a different host for that too.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Mac, it’s a lost case. He seems to be stuck in the revolving door and the best we can do is some damage control for those who hear his comments. I am positive that he will find the right solution outside DH at some point and forget about us.

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MacManX and TorbenGB,

i gave DH their props for reducing the support que, but, unlike some of you, the reality is that i have had several very serious problems with DH that have yet to be resolved as of the time that i am writing this message and i am simply sharing these issues with others who might be having similar problems…Not everything is as rosy as some of you seem to tout and I do not think it is right to simply discount my problems just because you may not be having any right now.

The cold, hard facts of the matter is as follows, and these cannot be argued:

  1. Removed is the brazen statement that all support requests will be handled in a timely manner and DEFINITELY will be responded to within 24 hours - why do you think they removed that statement? That statement had existed on that contact support page since I came on board here in 1/04 and just disappeared last month :S

  2. They have raised their referral rewards by 50% to almost $100 - anybody that takes advantage of this program should be ashamed of themselves…if you like a hosting provider and you want to help them grow by trumpeting to the world how good they are, thats fine…but don’t profit from your words…I think it should be required by all hosting companies that if you place a banner on your webpage attempting to sign people up to your hosting provider by saying such wonderful things, that you are required to DISCLOSE the fact that you are indeed profiting from these same statements if indeed they sign up.

  3. I do not understand how tripling the bandwith and doubling the disk space is going to HELP fix some of the growing pains that DH is currently going through, if anything these gains are sure to tax the servers even more.

The reason why i might be labeled as bitter by some of you, is simply because i still have a memory of when DH was indeed one of the best hosting plans out there and maybe the reason why i do hang onto their plan as my backup is that deep in the back of my mind, i really do hope that they will someday fix some of the gaggle of problems that has been with them over the past four months. I cannot think of a more optimistic statement and actually while some of you mock me, I would love to see YOU face the obstacles that i have recently with DH and remain on board…if anything, i am probably the biggest optimist that you will ever see and unlike some of you, my allegiance and honesty will not be BOUGHT. I referred plenty of signups last year and never asked for one penny simply because i believed in what was going on. I have not referred one person in 2005.


Honestly, this is equivalent to continually stabbing yourself with a knife while complaining about how much it hurts. If things truely are as horrible as you claim, then move on to another hosting company. You’ll find that your quality of life may improve, since you seem to find so many problems here.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

[quote]A lot of the complaints have been about slow responses from support



[quote]and the backed-up queue


No. I think most people here are bright enough to understand that quere length per se is not a problem.