Looking to set up email only

Hi all,

Apologies in advance for this post as I’m probably being dumb so feel free to mock (after you’ve helped me out I hope).

Right, I registered a domain name on DreamHost about six months ago. The only reason I required the domain name is so I could set up personalized emails for my family @mydomain.com

I registered only the domain name at the time. I’m now ready to start fixing the email addresses.

Now when I go to the mail section, I’m told I have no hosting plan (which is true) and that I need to get one.

Now I’ve looked at the hosting plan available and it includes email but also a whole heap of things I don’t need as I wasn’t intending to put anything on the site.

All I require is the facility to allow incoming emails to be forwarded to another address or perhaps the ability to set up mailboxes.

So do I have to purchase the full hosting plan to be able to do this or is there an option that would be more suitable for my needs.

I hope I’ve made sense and I await your replies…

Help first, then mock. Got it.

Plans here are pretty much one size fits all, and that size is XXL. Without a Hosting Plan, you get no DNS, which means nobody will know where your domain (web, mail, FTP, etc.) resides.

If you don’t want to spend $10/month for stuff you won’t use, you’ll have to shop elsewhere for an email-only host. Another option is to find a DNS service and pair it up with Google Apps, which provides free email. A bit trickier, but it may cost a bit less.

Bah, I’m too lazy to mock. You’ll have to mock yourself. Go on…