Looking to hire someone to optimize our Wordpress site

Hi there–

We’re looking to hire someone with experience in optimizing Wordpress and in dealing with Dreamhost.

Our site: www.feastoffun.com has been having a lot of bugs lately, and most recently went down due to increased traffic and possibly a denial of service attack.

We’re looking for someone to:

• Optimize our Wordpress site to reduce CPU usage.

• Properly configure caching plug-ins (is wp-super cache the best one?)

• Check if bots are still draining resources.

• Optimize the site so that entry thumbnails are recognized by Facbeook. Right now the meta image tags aren’t there, or they don’t point to the thumbnail associated with the entry.

• Help increase load time for the site.

Please reach me at mail@feastoffun.com

Fausto Fernós

Surely you mean decrease load time? :wink:

Sorry! I meant make it load faster! Thanks for catching this.