Looking to HIRE someone to move site

I’m looking to hire someone to move my site (I own domain) off a friends DH hosting on to MY DH hosting. I need everything moved as the site is populated.

I need to know:

  • how much will you charge (be reasonable, maybe we can work something out for a discount - free advertising?)
  • how long will it take
  • what information will you need from each of the accounts

I would need references. You must have done something like this before.

Mom Blogger

I’m not volunteering, but is your current hosting plan paid for with a discount code? If so, then you’ll have to wait until you roll off the discount period (typically one year) and pay for full price hosting here before they’ll let you migrate your domain over. The reasoning being that they want to stop people from hopping from one discount plan to the next, which are offered to bring in new customers.

Did you ever find someone to hire on this project? I have a similar need now.