Looking to change hosts

I am looking for a new shared hosting provider and came to DreamHost to see what is available. Upon checking the TOS I came across the no multiple account clause. I prefer paying for a second account than to risk having resource issues with an add on domain. Can someone explain this for me?

What do you mean by “resource issues with an addon domain”?

The terms of service explicitly disallow you from having more than one account. I don’t imagine this applies to dedicated hosting accounts. I don’t recall seeing anyone post with any specific information about multiple accounts.

OTOH, I don’t think they go looking for accounts with the same registered owner. I think they only go by your credit card and email, maybe.

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I am currently only operating one domain at a stinky webhost I will not mention. I was considering starting up a new unrelated site. In order to avoid any issues with using too many cpu resources, I was considering buying a new account for the new website and then buying a second account for the existing site. This seems to be specifically disallowed under the TOS. I was wondering why.

That’s a great question, and I have often wondered about that myself - I don’t know the answer.

Note that, from the control panel of an existing account , you can add an additional account, like a “sub-account”, (to keep billing separate, for instance).

I’m wondering if it has to do with wanting a single responsible “entity” for account management? Why don’t you write Tech Support, see what they say, and share it with the rest of us? :slight_smile:


I’d guess that they may do this to try to cut back on cross account usage.

I.E. account 1 host all the images (Pure storage account)
account 2 host the main site & php code ect.


  1. I’m new here and I could be totally wrong
  2. This is just my opinion (though I’ve seen this reason given at other hosting providers)

That makes sense too! :slight_smile:


If we add an additional account, will it be set up in the server or a different server?

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I think that depends on whether you consider the “no server” to be a different server. :slight_smile:

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“I think that depends on whether you consider the “no server” to be a different server.”

I think what he means is one of the sub accounts, as in you can go to your panel and choose “add account”, rather than having a whole separate panel.

I’m pretty sure it would, as that would be one of the main points to having a different sub-account, being able to spread your resources around, but all you’ll need to do is contact sales and ask for a definitive answer… just be sure to specify that you mean one of the “add account” sub accounts so they do not get confused with wanting two entirely different panel accounts (dreamhost id’s or something, I believe they call them).

Thanks for the clarification.

That is what I mean -> whether a sub-account will be set up in the same server or not.

If the sub-account will be set up in a different server, it will be good to spread the resources.

sub-account: additional account under the same dreamhost ID.


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You gonna hit support up for an answer? If not I will, cause I’d be curious about this too. If so, be sure to come back and let us all know what the scoop is. I was contemplating this very thing earlier today. It would only make sense for them to do that, so that if we have multiple domains that are heavy, but each unto itself still being shared friendly, we could spread em around a little.

Please do let us know if there’s been a change to our understanding of the DreamHost policy on multiple plans. Remember that the exact wording of the current ToS are:

IIRC, the “Add New Account” feature is left over from an old plan that’s no longer offered. Perhaps one of the old-timers can fill us in.

Anyway, do let us know what support says.

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Actually, I think what is problematic about the ability to sign up for multiple accounts is using promo codes for that second/third/fourth account.

If you are using up more resources than dreamhost allows, then you more likely should go dedicated.

I am unsure if there s a cap on cpu, but disk space and bandwidth are quite generous here.

Here is what DH support says:

Eventhough it is a subaccount, the system will still set it up as an actual account. So the new hosting plan would be hosted on the newest available server.

So the sub-account may be set up on a different server.

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Odd seeing you here PGP_Protector, along with Bill from AZ LOL !

I was asking sales about add on domains and if they are only considered as sub domains. The answer I got back (AND pretty darn quick too!) was that all domains are considered equal. Glen said, " You can host as many domains as you’d like under a single hosting plan. We don’t limit the number of domains you can add-on. With our system all domains have equal weight, so you can have as many domains or sub-domains as yo’d like under a single plan."

So, I would guess that what he is saying is, since you are given a generous ability to have multiple domains under say one users acount… say vernsdidj as an account name, then there is no need to keep track of separate record for multiple domains and have them spread out. It would look like one person/corporation/entity creating multiple accounts would be more burdensome for the keeping track of records and billing, support, etc. Whereas one account name would basically be one very large space to add in other domains and host them here.

In my computer, all my programs reside under one folder on the c drive called “Program Files” and in there, under each sub folder is the actual program content with all it’s appropriate supportive files and folders. I can have virtually an unlimited number of sub folders under “Program Files”, only limited by disc space.

Now taking that to the web idea, here we have one account with one public_html folder and under or in that are all these different sub folders of hosted domains. All coming under one account. At least that is the way I see it. And, as others have pointed out, above, I’m new here also with 1 post at this point, so I may not have all the ducks in a row, but I think I’m close.

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I finally decided to bite the bullet and contact support myself. They definitively confirmed that normal people are allowed to have multiple accounts. In particular, people with DreamHost PS can sign up for a separate regular shared hosting account for if they want one for non-critical sites. You would of course have to pay full price for this additional hosting account.

Historically speaking, they confirmed what macinarizona said. That is, that the multiple account rule was in place specifically to address and prevent the “promotional rollover” problem of people trying to get introductory discount plans forever. If you have a specific and reasonable need for a second account, it’s fine to set one up. They also mentioned they would be happy to help with moving your sites between your old account and your new account - particularly if there’s free beer involved.

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