Looking for User name M#######

When sync’n my webmail account to outlook I was given a #M357468 number opposed to the actual user name that I created for this email account. Well due to me and my ex going our seperate ways she made me pack my domain and email account in 2 black bags and get out …lol

Well I have my own Dreamhost account and now have to set up this email … the old user name isn’t active how do I get the new user name (M######) given to identify this web mail account ?

Please help !

You can find the user name M##### via DH panel --> Mail --> Manage Email

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Thank you … but I looked there and I do not see it.

Can you tell me where to look . I am in the “Fully Hosted Email” area of the manage email section of the DH panel

In Mail -> Manage Email, you get a listing of all mail accounts.
Make sure you have that domain selected in the “Show These Domains” listbox. The first column shows you the username, the “full name”, and the mailbox number if it is the M format, which you seem to have.


Thank you for all your help Scott but I still do not seem to find the necessary information needed to configure my email

All FTP (including Shell) users can also receive email, and so in a way they are also “mail users”.

However, there are also special Mail-only users (also known as mailboxes) that are only used for reading and sending email, and cannot FTP nor access the shell. These mailboxes currently are all named in the format m######## although they can also be accessed using the entire associated primary email address. Each mailbox has one primary email address associated with it, but can also have unlimited other email addresses that also deliver to it (you can set this up from the Mail > Addresses area of the DreamHost control panel).

Note that it is possible that if a domain is removed, any m####### mailboxes associated with it might remain on the server. It is not possible to see such mailboxes in the control panel, only from the command-line.

This is what I am looking for … although I have looked in the Mail—> Manage mail ----> and see my email account … the only other options I have is edit, disable, and delete. I do not see the “M” format nor know how to get to it … I need this 'M" format to set up my outlook email…

Again … please help

Well, he really did explain pretty much EXACTLY where to find the “M*****” name format. But let’s try with a screenshot this time…

When you click on “Manage Email” in the control panel, you get a list of the general details of a user. This includes ALL “M*****” format names unless they have a shell account name associated with them. I’m providing an edited screenshot as an example so you can see exactly what I mean:


There you can see the difference I talked about between accounts AND where you should be able to see the “M****” name format name. If you don’t see it there, then you don’t have any mailboxes created.

Sorry, I don’t know how else to go about helping you…

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If mousee’s info still doesn’t get you sorted, you might like to know that you do not need the “mxxxxxx” address for Otlook to work - you can also use the “full email address” (someaddress@somedomain.tld) as the “user name” ion Otlook, and it will still log you in. :wink:


Or probably that you haven’t created any new email address yet. Do you see any email address when you go to Manage Emails? If you see any, you should see m##### next to the email addresses.

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That was my other thought, but I was going to wait for the OP to reply to my post (as an extra method of verifying he has no email accounts) to be sure. Judging by the OP’s comments before, he seems to ASSUME that his emails were automagically moved to his account. Sadly that isn’t the case and I’m not even sure you can request it.

Anyways… just have to wait and see.

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Thank you all !!!

I guess I don’t have a “M” format I have the “Shell” for this email box in particular …

I am also trying to set up my iphone … problems problems problems …lol