Looking for SPAM-hating Beta Testers!

Hey everybody, we’ve been working on a junk mail (spam/virus) solution for a while, and it’s ready for some beta testers.

There is, naturally, a slight change it could hose some of your mail, but that’s pretty unlikely.

It’s also under pretty active development. It’s been what I’ve been spending most days working on. At the moment it’s not very pretty, but does seem to finally be working okay.

The setup right now is using amavis+spamassasin. The main interface at this point is through a special version of Webmail, so if you don’t want to log into Webmail now and again to work with it, this beta test isn’t for you. We’ll have plenty of other ways to access it in the future, we just want to test the basics right now.

If you’re interested, drop a line to support and them which domain(s) you want to test it on, and they’ll steer you my way!

There should also be a new top-level Forum for discussing the test as it goes on.


I’d just like to say I am very relieved to see this message; I am new customer and so far have been pleased with DreamHost’s offerings … EXCEPT for the spam filtering. I’ve enabled it but Razor hasn’t filtered anything, really. At least for me, it just doesn’t work, at all.

Just this weekend I migrated DNS of some clients over to DreamHost from another host (one that had SpamAssassin) and I’m somewhat anxious that they’ll start complaining about how much more spam they are now receiving on this new host. I started reading up about installing SpamAssassin on my own, but since it only works for shell accounts it wouldn’t help me much. It was this realization that had me considering leaving DreamHost.

So just wanted to give encouragement to release this new solution to all customers very soon.

Hello again:

What is the status of this test? I emailed on the day of the initial post, asking to help out with the best testing, but got no response.

On average, Razor is filtering about 5 out of every 100 pieces of spam. Our previous host used Spam Assassin and it tagger about 80 out 100 properly. My users are wondering why we’re getting so much more spam ever since we switched hosts. So I am very much looking forward to seeing the mavis+spamassasin one-two punch.

Thanks for any and all updates.

It’s still being tested. I’m actively working on it whenever I have time.

It’s come pretty far along, but it’s still not for anybody that absolutely can’t lose any mail. It’s still at a point where it’s possible for your mail to go down an absolute black hole.

You can follow progress/discussions on the Beta Testing forum.