Looking for someone for simple web development



I have a couple of projects that I need some help on.
The first is to design a simple web page with a squeeze page on it. The copy is written.
The second is to advise on how to load a audio file to a web site. I have the streaming service from DH, but cannot get the quick time files up and running.
I am looking for a quote after describing what I want to have done.


Hopefully, you intend to run those “squeezed” names through a confirmed opt-in process! :wink:



Would you please send me more information about the requirement?

php web design


The first project is the most important. I believe I can describe what I want in Laymens terms.
There will 4 or 5 pages
The first page will contain some information and encourage the visito take a quiz, however, before the quiz is offered I want to collect the email address. That is what I am calling the squeeze page. The next page is the quiz. It a page with questions and answers which I have prepared. At the bottom of this page will be a buy button for a report which is downloadable. There will be a privacy disclosure page and an about me page.
I have some knowledge of HTLM but it is limited on some of the newer incorporations.
As a result, I want some one to construct the pages and send them to me. I will load them to the system. It may take some coaching on your part for me to get that done properly the first time. I would be open to suggestions as well.

The second project is for you to coach me into being able to load an audio file to a web site. There may be more here than I am aware of, so maybe it will not be practical to do this. I have recording and processing equipment and can generate lots of different types of files, but when I have tried to load them to the DH site, they don’t seem to work. I am sure that I have something set up improperly or I do not have the correct type of file.
I would like each project quoted separately, but the ultimate goal is for you to teach me how to do this. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Before we make any final arrangements I will be asking you for references and also your phone number. Thanks for your interest.