Looking for Site Search Scripts (open source)

Hi. I am looking for an open source site search application. Can anyone recommend one. I have seen two, but one uses the MS .NET Framework which I don’t think can be used on DH, and I am not a MS fan. I also saw another application that uses a flatfile database. Would flatfiles be OK for use on DH? Not sure it is a viable option elsewhere.

Anyway, some input and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

PS: I do not really want to use Google Search.

Wordpress, which you can install from your control panel using the One-Click Installer, comes with a “live” search box, meaning search results are displayed as you type. Wordpress is fully open-source, so you might want to steal their script. I’m pretty sure it’s only designed to search through records in a MySQL database though, so you might want to either write a script that will read all your static pages into MySQL, or modify the Wordpress script to search for files instead of database records.

Using PHP’s exec() function, and a search utility provided by the OS comes to mind as well.


A good selection of scripts, many of which are free, can be found on http://www.hotscripts.com. You can search scripts there, by language, as well as browse by section.

If you can’t find something there that works for you, it probably doesn’t exist. :wink:


No doubt. Sheesh!