Looking for reputable SEO/SEM company

I’m looking for recommendations for reputable Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing companies.

Given an organization, the company must be able to create a list of appropriate keywords to target based on that organization’s business and geographical region (i.e. keyword research). Any additional services (e.g. writing/editing content with keywords, regular analytics reports & recommendations etc…) are bonuses but not required.

I know of SEOMOZ (now simply known as Moz) but I can’t seem to determine if they do keyword research.

ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK-HAT TECHNIQUES. I value my Google juice too much :slight_smile:

Hi lim2me,

Why not try seodataservice website and see their list of SEO services. You can find there budget-friendly packages.

Of course, you do first due diligence before letting someone handling your website or blog.

I hope I could help you on this. More power to your searching. :slight_smile: