Looking for remote support solution


I am looking for a remote support solution I can put on my private server that would allow friends and family to go to my website in order to start a remote support session and let me to control their computer and fix problems, clean viruses, etc. Does anyone know of anything like this that would work on a dreamhost VPS?



There are plenty of softwares to do it. I am using Zoho Assist.(http://zoho.com/assist) I think it will fit your purpose as you can embed the join session widget in your website. Do give it a try. I think it should work in dreamhost VPS too as it is entirely web based.

ScreenConnect is self hosted like you describe:


We use it at work and it’s freaking awesome. $275 is a little too rich for my blood to use it at home though.

Check the remote support appliance from RHUB (http://www.rhubcom.com), which allows you to host your “private server” for remote support or remote access sessions.