Looking for registrar/host that best aligns with free software values

How well does dreamhost align with free software values? Sure, they do donations, even to FSF, but that’s just general charity. Gandi.net, for example, actually supports free software projects, like VLC. Plus, the DH promoted site epubbud.com is all about the iPad! http://www.fsf.org/news/ibad_launch

This scares me away from DreamHost. They are probably catering to a larger audience who doesn’t share free software values. They are a business, so of course that is their choice. But perhaps they shouldn’t be my my choice as a supporter of free software services.

They did contribute Ceph to the Linux kernel:

Since they are so heavily dependent on free software, I’m quite sure they appreciate the values of of FOSS.

We most certainly do! Along with working on open-source projects of our own, we’ve also made donations to a number of open-source projects which we use, including Jabber.org, Phusion Passenger, and grsecurity.

@andrewf and sdayman: Thanks for your replies. I suppose all of that is a good litmus test. Is there a list somewhere where I can find all of the FOSS projects that DH either commits or donates to?

just guessing here, but i doubt most people who work on FOSS keep such a log or résumé. it seems to me that the type of people who would contribute would not be doing it for the glory, and thus probably would not maintain such records to boast about it…

yekibud: We don’t have a full list up currently, but we will soon. Stay tuned.