Looking for nice email + file sharing UI

I’m looking for a nice email and file sharing software. Dreamhost’s squiremail just doesn’t cut it. I’ve tried Owncloud, Roundcube, and Owncloud + Roundcube, and it’s a very weak solution.

From my pov, Owncloud file sharing is weak, and the development team dismisses many suggestions from the community. I see it as deadware in a few years. The IMAP login plugin doesn’t allow for sharing files, etc. It’s Roundcube plugin is very weak, and requires too much configuration for the users. Roundcube is an ok interface, but users can’t manage their passwords or request a password reset.

I need something that is open source (or inexpensive) and is similar to how gmail works. Here are some of my requirements:

  • Only one account should be used to login and get access to email and files (single sign on).
  • Users can manage their profile and password (including reset).
  • Email should be configured from k9 or other email app.
  • File sharing should be easy and available on mobile platforms.
  • PGP is high priority.
  • Document real-time collaboration would be great (similar to Google Docs or Etherpad)

I’ve thought about just going with Google services instead of self hosting, but the with NSA stuff I lost all trust in that company.