Looking for new home

I am interested in moving two of my existing web sites to Dreamhost.

After reviewing your plans, I just have two quick questions:

  1. The price for the “Crazy Domain Insane” Level 1 package says $7.95 on the main “Products” page, but says $9.95 when you go to signup. Which one is it?
  2. For this same package, it says 3 full domains. I would assume that sometime during the signup process I will be asked the name of my two existing domain names.

I am really looking forward to getting away from my existing hosting service and hope to up and running with you for a long time to come.

  1. It’s $7.95 if you decide to pre-pay for two years, $9.95 otherwise.
  2. You can add domains to your account after you have signed up. Since you get one free domain registration per account, you can decide to transfer one of your existing domains to Dreamhost (or register a new one) during sign-up. At least it was that way when I signed up last year :slight_smile: