Looking for creator of Quantum Reality Site

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I’m looking for the author/site creator of the website entitled “Quantum Reality.” The website was located at: http://www.quantumreality.net. I say was because, unfortunately, the site is no longer online. I’m looking for the site creator’s email address, phone number–or any other way I could contact him/her. Please, please, please if you know this person’s email address, I’d be very grateful if you would pass it along.

And in the event that a DreamHost employee is reading my post, is there any possible way you could send me the site creator’s email address? I’d be ever-so grateful.

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I don’t know whether Dreamhost policy lets them divulge details about present or former customers.

However, the domain registration is readily available. Jean Tang is listed as administrative contact. If Jean is not her own webmaster, she surely could tell you who she hired.

Jean Tang
PO Box 82
Lake Delton , WI 53940


Thanks very much for your response! Just out of curiosity (and for future reference) how did you aquire the domain registration information? (i.e. from what site?)

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You used to be able to find registration information on ANY COM, NET or ORG domain at


They are no longer comprehensive. Sometimes, you have to go to other registrar’s WHOIS utilities, such as OpenSRS - but the WHOIS at netsol will tell you who the registrar is, and where to go for their WHOIS.

If you’re doing a WHOIS on IP numbers instead of names, the starting point is


Again, this doesn’t cover everything. There are three organizations that pass out IP numbers. But if you start there, you can find out where to go to do the rest of your research.

Between those two URLs and Netcraft.com, you’ve got a good start on researching sites.

There are some “multi-whois” sites that let you look up domains from many different registrars. The one I like to use myself is CheckDomain:
I even have a form that does a query on that site on my site:
Look on the left edge by the menus and other stuff.

– Dan

Thanks deke and dan! Great information… :slight_smile: