Looking for contractor to tune-up DH VPS & websites

I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites running on a DreamHost VPS, or maybe I should say they are trying to run. Been having a hell of a time lately keeping the sites from crashing and DH tech support keeps saying I’m running out of resources even though I can ssh in, run top -c and note that resources are fine. Anyone got any recommendations on a tech to hire that you’ve worked with? My website is http://www.hawaii247.com

You site loads just fine on my end. It loaded for 3 seconds I think. What seems to be the issue here if I may ask. Note that I am not for hire but I am definitely just into helping out. Posting a budget would also entice potential tech for you. I’m just not sure though if it’s allowed here in the forum.

No need for a contractor anymore. I switched to a different host and am very happy.

For future reference folks might want to look for a contractor here instead http://jobs.wordpress.net/ That’s not where I found my new host but it looks like a good site to seek help.

what host did you switch to?

I ended up switching to OrangeGeek. So far so good, the server runs on Nginx and has had only one blip of downtime.

I have another friend that switched to DreamPress here on DreamHost and is happy so your mileage may vary. DreamPress is a cheaper solution than what I did.