Looking for a WordPress Image Gallery

I know there’s a ton of them, but I’m looking for a recommendation. I want something clean and simple. It just needs to show a thumbnail and a larger image. No need for fancy organizing, sorting…

Any suggestions? TIA


Personally i use Gallery2 for my image gallery and then the WPG2 integration (Wordpress Gallery 2 Integration).

It’s nice because you have the managability of gallery2 and it adds a button to the Ajax editor in WP allowing you to view images/categories in thumbnail view and select them for inclusion into wordpress via whatever style you define.

It’s simple to setup since they are both one click installs here at DH.

You just have to download the plugin (doing a search on google for WPG2 should show you the site) and configure it and your up and running.

I just saw one mentioned on planet.wordpress.org the other day that I’m hoping to try: WP-Galeria. Their website is here: http://spy98.bitshifters.net/wordpress-plugins/wp-galeria/