Looking for a webhost

I’m looking for a webhost for a non-profit organisation that I’m part of in Australia. I’m currently stuck for choosing which host to go with, and I think I’m inclined to go towards either Dreamhost or an Australian host called TPG.

Could anyone add further opinions on Dreamhost to help me make my decision?

Dreamhost has that community feel :wink:

Good uptime, great support, and good prices.

What do you need in a web host? That is the real question.

Service with Dreamhost has been great; I’ve been very happy.

I think Dreamhost has a discounted program for non-profits… I don’t know if the fact that you’re in Australia makes a difference. If you contact sales they can probably tell you if you still qualify.

Check https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=719 for details.

[quote]I think Dreamhost has a discounted program for non-profits… I don’t
know if the fact that you’re in Australia makes a difference.


We do offer a non-profit discount, but unfortunately, I checked with our sales people and it only applies to US organizations (with proper documentation of non-profit status).

I am also wondering, if you have more than one domain name, do they all have to point to the same webpage? Or can you set up the domain so it points to a different folder?

Does this mean that, ultimately you could host more than one website with the same package?

btw…the new incredible birthday special has definately helped me make my decision!!!

It’s just too good to refuse!

yeah I know. If only they made it an upgrade option. :wink:

Welcome to DreamHost!

What is the birthday special? Is it still being offered? Where can I find out more about it?

Not being offered anymore.

Sorry :frowning:

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Shucks! I’ve missed out on something good. :frowning:
Thanks for replying, wjd.

I wonder if the anonymous poster who started this thread is still having trouble deciding between DH or TPG.

I am also from Australia, and for most of last year I went through the agonising process of comparing deals, reading reviews and etc to find the ‘perfect’ Australian web host. But the outrageously high fees charged by Australian hosts forced me to look for overseas alternatives.

I signed up with DH last month. Before that I had spent some time lurking about in this forum to get a feel of things. But it was all the ‘happily hosted by Dreamhost’ buttons I saw on so many well maintained sites that convinced me DH was worth giving a try.

Dreamhost seems to have lived up to their reputation so far: friendly, reliable and definitely affordable. Some say the lack of phone support is bad, but it is not a problem for me: for USD9.95/mo, I do not expect DH to set up an international free-call hotline for old me. I have found DH’s email support good enough, and this friendly support forum is a nice bonus.


I’m also from Australia and moved from an Australian webhost who were pretty damn terrible.

Dreamhost is fantastic, the sites are easy to access in Australia if you’re worried about site speed and the customer service has been great! :smiley:

We seem to have many Australian and New Zealand customers… the hosting providers in your part of the world must be charging insane prices.

@Gothic: This thread’s from 2003. Epic bump!

@Humphrey: The majority were expensive years ago, some still are (reselling sharks).