Looking for a viable ecommerce platform

So I’ve worked in Python/Django, Ruby Rails/PostgreSQL, PHP/MySQL, and SQL, solely for inventory and data recording…but I have yet to venture into tying my work to an ecommerce platform. Frankly, it scares me to death, and I’ve had to redirect clients to developers who aren’t as squeamish about it as I am. I’ve researched a few of them such as Woo, Magento, and Squarespace and I’m hesitant to commit to any of them. I’d be open to hearing what ecommerce platform you are using and why. Most importantly, I would be interested into how you respond to customers/clients when transactions hit a glitch on your web site. Thanks! Mike

Hello, you can try classic platform as amazon, but it will be better for occasional trade. However the security is pretty good and I never had problem with it. I can also suggest you an other solution: be2bill for the paymen. It’s working as paypal but for professional. I wish it helped you a lot.