Looking for a auto backup software for both shell account files and mysqls



I have a small team building webstores for clients using joomla(virtuemart) and x-cart, and most of our sites hosted with DH, but since DH can not provide garrentteed back up services, so my 30 sites need to be backed up regularly, for files, maybe weekly, for database, maybe daily, so I am looking for:


I searched on google, I got this:

But I am not sure which is suit me best, since I am with dreamhoster, so I am sure there must some folks hosting your sites on DH have some expeireces to share with me, and telling me the way you handle the auto back up data issue with DH.

What exactly want to do is:

  • backup files weekly, or twice a week for every shell/ftp account into a local disk
  • backup mysqls daily to a local hard disk

Looking forward to hearing some one popping up to help. Thanks.


I use dhsnapshot: http://carloslima.github.com/dhsnapshot/


Thanks for your sharing, I will try it out, see what I can get it.


For backup schema in MySql you can try:

mysqldump -u root -p [schema-name] > backup.sql

to backup your files:

tar cvfz site_backup.tar.gz [folder to back-up]

If you are looking for software and want to do it automatic than creates shell script that creats daily backup with rotation and call your script from cron.