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<You do realize that his “protestation of innnocence” could be a feeble attempt at misdirection…but I’d like to believe him on this one. Something seems to be changing in his posts; he used to only show up to harp about how bad things are at Dreamhost, but of late he seems to be making an effort to participate more fully in the discussions (or is that just another piece of misdirection?)… Or maybe it is all part of the “WebGuerilla” qualities he lists in his bio…>

I am not that intelligent nor am I that complex :stuck_out_tongue: I wear my feelings on my sleeve (except when it involves mixing business and personal beliefs) - I am referred to as a “WebGuerilla” by my peeps and colleagues, because I look at search engines as the “stock market” of our generation…I do everything in my power to help my clients gain an edge in this marketplace…within reason and within the limits the law provides and my conscience can absorb.

<He took me to task several days ago for “profanity” and “not being nice”, but when I responded asking him to clarify and offering to edit my post, he went silent for a few days, then returned and seems to be trying to be more a part of the community.>

I disappear for a few days from time to time and sometimes much longer simply because I become incredibly busy from time to time…our industry is ruled by peaks and valleys…I do recall that post in which i asked you to clean it up and I stick by my comments…not everyone on these boards are over 18 and some may not even be over 13…im not naive enough to assume that these kids havent already come across rough language, but, I believe we should be held to a higer standard…moreso, you are far too intelligent to have to resort to vulgarities…As many humans, it is nice when peeps have similar viewpoints on topics from time to time, but, i do not need affirmation in what i write. If you say something I agree with, I will applaud you for your comments; If it is something that I find fault in, I will call you out on it…either way, you probably won’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

<I think “the jury is still out”, but I’m willing to “see how the plot develops”…>

sorry, RL, if you are hoping that I join the ranks of the DH tree-huggers, you will probably be holding your breath far past post mortem…i do try to come in more often on days when i’ve had a good day so that i can share more than just my venting. We may be alike in other ways, I don’t know…I am a father, a husband, a son, a grandson, a democrat, a person who despises the political lobbying system, a person who believes that only hypocrisy will earn you a ticket in hell, and a person who truly believes that 90% of religious peeps have it all wrong and 100% of right wingers have it WAY wrong (that part of me is of the “tree-hugger” variety-i think the big guy upstairs accepts all peeps and the more they need him, the wider he opens his arms to accept them), and I do think the true “Terrorist” on this planet is “Mother Nature” and if we don’t act soon to reduce her “weapons of mass destruction” (stronger hurricanes, tornadoes, hotter climates), we will be in big trouble…even in our generation. That is a simple prospectus about me :stuck_out_tongue: take it for what it’s worth :slight_smile:




I very much enjoyed reading your last post. It is hard to convey sincerity at times in posting such as this, so I can only hope you will take that remark at face value; it is a genuine expression, as was my observation that your posts of late have seemed less vitrolic and more reasoned.

The “WebGuerilla” remark was “toungue in cheek” on my part, and was an attempt to introduce a little good humor into the speculation of the moment - I understand the context in which you use it, and have no issue with any of that.

As for your not posting for a few days, no explanation is called for, and I often do the same (though lately, my work load has kept me glued to the keyboards at bit more than normal, which means I end up posting here more than normal, as a break from the coding, etc.)

I was hoping, however, to elicit a response about our last exchange as I was sincere in my offer to consider editing my post, but genuinely could not fathom what you found to be profane. I still am (sincere about that), and encourage you to let me know (PM if you wish), what language you find to be unsuitable for the young’uns, in need of being “cleaned up” in the interests of maintaining a wide degree of “age appropriateness”, or purged of “vulgarities”.

The only words to which I even suspect you might have an objection are “bitch” and/or “borked”. I intended neither of them to be construed as vulgarities, and I think the context in which they were used makes it clear that they were not (vulgarities). “Bitch” is defined on the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as:

[quote]Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
4 entries found for bitch…
Main Entry: 2 - bitch
Function: verb
transitive verb
3 : to complain of or about
intransitive verb : COMPLAIN[/quote]
Which was precisely what I was trying to say the original poster was doing. “Bork/Borked” is an old, “traditional” hackish “verb” deriving from the intentional misspelling of “Broke/Broken” (though, in later years also appropriated by some American political conservatives as a reference to the “grillilng” Robert Bork was subjected to by members of Congress during his confirmation hearings as a U.S. Supreme Court nominee) that I thought certain most computer users would be familiar with (lots of google food on “bork” is available on both usages of the term.From the UrbanDictionary site:


Something is “borked” when it doesn’t work correctly or misbehaves, generally due to negligence by the person(s) that are responsible for it.

Etymology: Combine one part “broken” and one part Swedish Chef and you get “borked.”

This website is borked.
That mechanic borked your car.[/quote]
Take care when browsing the Urban Disctionary; I’ll just say that some of the definitions in references such as the Urban Dictionary, Jargon fIle, etc. are of the “RTFM” variety :wink: . I believe in the context in which I used the word, the “broken” definition is rather obvious, especially to computer types that “hang out” on the net. I really did, and do want to know what you found to be vulgar.

Agreement is a “nice” shared human experience, but disagreement does not have to be unpleasant, and I , like you, require no affirmation. I do read, very carefully, posts that take me to task, but find that they are only useful to me if I understand the issue with which the poster finds fault; I did’nt/don’t understand the reference to “profanity” or “vulgarity”. I do understand your position on the “Be Nice” admonition; I just disagreed with your characterization of it and articulated that in my reply. We agree to disagree, and I don’t see that as being a “big deal”.I won’t bite on the, “either way, you probably won’t care” comment -I remain interested in constructive dialogue - it is to you do decide if that constitues “caring” or not :smiley:

As for my “waiting to see how the plot develops” comment, I was not referring to any type of “DH Treehugger - Born Again” experience, but rather expressing hopes that we will see more of you on those “good days” you refer to - I think it gives balance to your comments and greatly increases your credibility when you post (not that you probably care :wink: ). I don’t care how you “feel” about Dreamhost - I just enjoy/appreciate rational discussion more than venting, and I tend to “rant” when subjected to certain doses of it.

I am becoming somehat fascinated with this current trend of labeling all those who argue for “reasoned” or “rational” posts, make any statement of support for Dreamhost, or yes, on occasion “play with trolls” as being Dreamhost employees/stooges/tre-huggers/insert-your-characterization here. I suspect it has something to do with it being easier/quicker/less-demanding to name-call than it is to argue a point, and I do believe that many of the recent “new” forum participants may well be competitors hoping to opportunistically foster enough discontent to throw some “windfall” in thier direction, given Dreamhost’s recent struggles. I’ll continue (as I’m sure will you) to "call 'em like I see 'em - if that “balance” dampens any enthsiasm for Dreamhost bashing, challenges the “wisdom of the masses”, or subjects me to being characterized in a particular manner…oh well.

We probably are alike in many ways - I think most humans are. I appreciate your sharing a little about yourself in your recent (and this last) post(s), and have no issues with whatever kind of person you are, or whatever you believe - I choose, in these forums, to be a little more reticent in sharing as I find it often becomes a distraction in the discussions at hand.

Well, I didn’t make much progress on my stated intention not to get drawn into such extended discussions; I guess I wanted a longer “break” from my work tonight. I’m never gonna get my “code slung” at this rate…



I wonder if there will be a Readers Digest version out soon? :slight_smile:


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


I suppose a “Large Print” Dead-Trees Edition would be out of the question…it would decimate the few remaining rainforests :frowning:


I use Opera and use the ‘speak’ function to play back the uhm longer passages whilst lying down. But I tend to doze of then and wake up with a start wondering how Stephen Hawking got into the house!


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


My server is still down or barely running. 3 days now. Absolutely ridiculous.

This is not some stupid conspiracy either.

I am a real customer, and I agree with dreamhost-sucks that dreamhost really does suck.

Maybe if you girls would spend more time in support actually fixing customers problems than yakking like a bunch of immature nerds pretending to be customers and potential customers, then real customers would not be so irate.

If you can’t fix the problem and rather just trash the REAL customer instead, then I want a refund for the prepaid service on my accounts now, so I can find decent hosts.


And if you don’t do either, then you will see some serious trash talking on real hosting forums. Maybe I will start a website called www.DreamHost-Really-Really-Sucks.com.


No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:


That’s horrible. Did you try telling your mommy on them to see if that makes it all better?

It’s not a necessity–and it’s not their job.

Why don’t you fill out a ticket to have them help you tie your shoes, then come back and complain when they don’t do that either.

Then pay someone else. You couldn’t figure that out all by yourself?

They did do something, genius… They created the promo codes for us to use.

Why do you think they created them, because they don’t want people to use them? Seriously, how brain-dead to you have to be to not get that?

Hey, since you like bugging them with stupidity, why don’t you ask them to stop offering web hosting services, because it’s hurting other web hosts that want to get rich by charging more than they do?

Yeah, I’m sure they need an idiot like you to explain stuff to them. They’ve gotten a lot bigger in the time since promo codes were released, so I’m sure you really educated them on making money.

You signed up for hosting–not a career. If you want a guaranteed income from them, then fill out a job application.

I’m sure they’ll get sick of the truckloads of money people like me send them, and yank the promo codes at once. Especially since they’re a business, and people only start businesses because they hate money and don’t want to make any. You’re smart.

Wow, you can read? And yet you never noticed the affiliate links on other hosts’ web sites?

Besides, an affiliate ad doesn’t scream “Promo codes!” Most hosts have affiliate programs–but not promo codes.

Who cares what they see anyway? Most people are here for hosting, not to whine about promo codes.

If you don’t like it, go with a host that doesn’t have a forum, so it’s easier for you to scam people into thinking they don’t have better options than clicking your links.

I’m sure that’s what they think when I basically hand them $97 cash: Boy, that seiler sure is a retard!

In reality, they’d think that I’m a nice guy and that you’re a greedy scumbag. But don’t let reality interfere with your logic.

You sound like you’re just upset because you weren’t smart enough to check here for a promo code when you signed up.

I doubt there’s much that you do understand.

I have already prepaid for years of hosting with the money I’m not making. The non-existent money has also paid for years of my other hosting plans, plus it mysteriously continues to make my PayPal balance go up.

So, there’s no need to feel sorry for me, since I can apparently generate more money with promo codes than you can without them. I’m pretty sure that’s the online equivalent of kicking your ass with both hands tied behind my back.

You might want to guess again at which one of us is the idiot. You had a 50/50 chance of getting it right the first time, so this guess should be a little easier.

Here’s an idea: refer people because you’re happy with them and recommend them. You’re not required to refer anyone.

What’s so hard about giving someone a link that you think it entitles you to $97? I’d link people to DH even if they yanked the entire referral system.

If you actually searched the forums, you’d also find out that crying about promo codes isn’t exactly an original idea. The only thing it does is help advertise their existence, so keep doing it–I’m sure it will make people want to stop saving money.

That’s because you’re an idiot like him.

You sound like a whiner that has to punch a clock for a living and thinks it’s someone’s fault other than your own. Just take a laptop to work with you, then you can waste time here between batches of french fries.

It’s been a few hours, so I’m cranky. Want me to describe what it feels like, so you won’t be surprised your first time?

I can’t even imagine how hard you’re going to cry when you find out there are people giving out $102 promo codes.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


You really are wasting your venom on here. We are customers of DreamHost and nothing else. When any DreamHost staff appear here they have an icon showing in their usernames. If you want a refund then I suggest you ask DreamHost for a refund.
There is nothing we can do about your server.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


Ooh, that’ll show them.

At risk of belaboring the obvious, may I reiterate that we are customers here and thus cannot give you a refund? Talk to support.



The site in your profile loads fine for me. Maybe you’re just too stupid to work a web browser?

I think we already covered that agreeing with him just means you’re an idiot.

Support probably just ignores you because you’re an idiot. I don’t blame them, since you haven’t said a single thing that can be taken seriously.

Waaaaaa! Waaaaa!

Oh no!!! He found the caps lock key! Now everyone will have to take him seriously!

Wow, that will get you a lot of results. Do it. Once again, you’re far from original: dreamhost-sucks.com. I’m sure people will take you as seriously on your site as they do here.

DH will definitely go out of business now!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mommy, DH is picking on me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


I just had to update this since my last post.

[quote]I asked that they do something about the idiots who are promoting the $97 off coupons in the public forum. I wrote to them explaining that it is not helping the people who legitimately want to make money from referring traffic to dreamhost.

Anyone new will first see the frontpage ad, which is larger than life about the $97 affiliate program. Then they will hit the public forum and get seiler the retard promoting his $97 off coupons.

Just don’t understand how seiler can earn any money with a $97 off coupon when the dumb bastard only gets $97 from the referral anyways.

But my point is why refer traffic as an affiliate when some retard is going to give them a coupon for $97 and you get zip?[/quote]
But in an earlier post of yours, you thanked WJD for his $97 promo code that’s in his sig, that you used when you signed up.

[quote]Just signed up for Code Monster for now! Thanks wdj for the coupon!

Can upgrade later into a server when they get some more.[/quote]
Looks like someone is just a hypocritical piece of trash that has nothing better to do than whine–and only likes promo codes when he uses them.

If you don’t like the codes, than quit being a dirtbag and give WJD his $97 back.

Are you going to put your $97 where your mouth is, or are you just here to whine?

What a loser.

Seriously, how come you didn’t call WJD a retard for giving you $97? I’m sure you’ll have a great explanation.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


Ha Ha! That’s rich - the thought of people actually having to “conspire” to acheive “stupid” is really funny to me!

I still can’t fathom why you seem to think that those you encounter here work for Dreamhost, or can in any way impact the handling of your account - unless you see the “Dh” icon near the user name, we are all just customers. I, for one, would love to be able to “fix” your account - I’d just make it go away and be done with it/you (which is probably the best evidence that I don’t work for Deamhost -Dreamhost will tolerate you far longer than I would).

Why don’t you just contact support and tell them you are unhappy, that you really don’t appreciate the “troll-rolling” that you’ve been subjected to at the hands of those “mean” forum denizens, and ask them nicely to give you a prorated refund so that you can go foul some other hosting space - you might be surprised at how quickly they are willing to work with you :wink: .

You go with that! Oh, I forgot, to do that you would have to be able to put up something more than a “splash” page…and, no, I won’t show you how to do that.



Just dropped in to say my server appears to be fine now.

But I can see you girls ( I take that back, I mean boys ) are still at it yakking away.

seilerboy and parkerboy - Do you actually think I am going to take the time to read your entire posts (novels)? :smiley:

Why don’t you boys get a room or something? :smiley:

Maybe you should start a new thread “loser boys who have nothing better to do than yak” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Here is a site for you parkerboy when your searching for your porn:

Gay Sex Videos

No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:


I’m glad to hear your server is now “fine”. I’m sure it was your sniveling that caused that to happen (not!). See, DH takes care of everybody, even Jazzman!

Na, not really. My responses to you were not posted for your benefit (ya know, having more than one sentence and all) :wink:


I see you ignore the post that calls you out for being the hypocritical scumbag that you are.

Be a man and give WJD his $97 back before you call anyone else here “girls” or “boys.”

Until you pay him back, you seriously have no room to be talking trash about anyone here.

By the way, genius, posting a gay porn link here from your bookmarks makes you look gay–not us. Oopsy! Did someone just accidentally come out of the closet? How cute.

I wonder which hurts more, you calling us gay/boys/girls, or me repeatedly taking $97 out of your pocket with my promo codes and forcing you to have to flip burgers the rest of your life? Ouch.

If you don’t start posting something relevant to this forum, your pathetic-porn sig links might start getting treated as the spam they are.

By the way, that’s pretty classy, putting porn links in a web hosting support forum for users of all ages. You probably just didn’t notice that you were in a web hosting forum, since you’re just here to spam & troll, right?

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


If you don’t start posting something relevant to this forum

Blah. Nazis.



The Nazis hated spamming dirtbags, too? Thanks for the history lesson.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


[quote]If you are serously thinking about DH. Please read the threads.

In my opinion, its not the growing pains thats the killer, its the support people. Sometimes they can be nasty bastards.
Just my opinion. I’m already looking elsewhere.

Beware of DH employees in forum spinning the truth. Easy to spot them, since normal people with a life would not spend all their time responding to threads in this forum. Think about it! [/quote]
Okay, a few things need clearing up:

When DreamHost employees post in this forum, they declare themselves as such and do not pretend to be customers. Pretending to be a customer would not gain us anything.

If a customer has a real problem such as their web server crashing we would like to know about that and we want fix it. Problems do arise and our goal is to fix them as quickly as possible. So if a customer comes to these forums empathize with their problem and let them know to send in a support request and DreamHost will help them resolve it.

It’s okay for people to vent their frustrations here. Let’s just move quickly to resolve their problem, not get mad at them for being upset. And if someone keeps posting angry rants even after everyone has tried to help them, the best practice is to ignore the posts, not get into sparring matches.

So the main goal would be to determine if the angry poster has a real problem that needs solving. If so point them to support so that we can solve it as quickly as possible. And if the poster is not actually looking for a solution then, try to not pay them much attention because forum arguing is really hard to read =P.

And to reiterate: These are customer forums, not support forums. If you need something addressed by a DreamHost employee please send in a support request.


Erm, I have been with Dreamhost for about a year now and eventhough there has been problems going on, I haven’t been affected. Infact, I did not even realise that they were having issues at ‘that time’. :slight_smile:


I would be willing to bet you can find somebody to complain about any hosting service.

I just wanted to give my thanks to DreamHost for being a good web host. To anybody who is thinking of giving them a try, please do so. They are constantly upgrading their control panel and making things easier so you can just create web pages not spend time doing the administration.

I don’t usually write posts like this but every time I come back to change things on my web sites, DreamHost has done something to make it easier for me and the people who use my sites.

Thanks again DH.