Looking at Dreamhost

I am considering Joining dreamhost, but not while it goes through all these growing pains.

When do you expect to be back to perfoming as a reliable hosting provider?


I think the growing pains related problems passed. Those seemed more linked to price drops & promo codes, which have now been around quite some time.

These last problems were more related to the data center & power outage.

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Run away now, while you can!!!

And don’t let any of those commission seeking yahoo’s convience you otherwise.

Just read this:


Yeah, listen to this loser. That’s gotta be his site and he’s spamming it all over DH because it has his promo code on it, as well as referral links. That, or he really considers a complaint from over a year ago to be a newsflash that will change the way the world thinks about web hosting.

He’s much more trustworthy than those of us that have been here for years and pass our commission onto you with a max-discount promo code, while he’s making a minimum of $47 per customer with his $50 off promo code.

Anyway, if you want to read complaints, there are plenty of them right here, mixed in with the positive reviews.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.


i think “anonymous vince” and “dreamhost sucks” may be the same person - just a hunch…knowing my reputation some of you probably think it was me :p…those of you that know me, know that i do not believe in promo codes or even adsense :wink:



We just figured it was someone you were training to fill in for you when you’re on vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.

I am of the mind that most of these posts that attack DreamHost are part of an orchestrated campaign against them. Possibly by a failing rival… or alien beings from another planet who have no access to the DreamHost Blog or the pleasures of musical nose flute playing.

I actually had IAmAtMyWitsEnd as number one suspect but eliminated him quickly because the spam posts had big words in them. :slight_smile: Plus, he said it was not him.

My new top suspect is the bloke who weighs the sprouts in the local shop called ‘The Happy Shopper’. See the connection?


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

Ha! “Good Stuff, that!” You may be right, but I’m with Seiler on this one…the “hit and run” link-spam to the site where his promo code lives makes it pretty obvious. sigh…

You do realize that his “protestation of innnocence” could be a feeble attempt at misdirection…but I’d like to believe him on this one. Something seems to be changing in his posts; he used to only show up to harp about how bad things are at Dreamhost, but of late he seems to be making an effort to participate more fully in the discussions (or is that just another piece of misdirection?)… Or maybe it is all part of the “WebGuerilla” qualities he lists in his bio… :wink:

He took me to task several days ago for “profanity” and “not being nice”, but when I responded asking him to clarify and offering to edit my post, he went silent for a few days, then returned and seems to be trying to be more a part of the community.

I think “the jury is still out”, but I’m willing to “see how the plot develops”…

–rlparker :slight_smile:

Ah! But who really “knows” you…not believeing “in promo codes or even adsense ;)” could all be a WebGuerilla tactic :wink:


I cleared IAmAtMyWitsEnd as the spammee on the grounds that IAmAtMyWitsEnd (Must take ages to type his name in?) appears to be an inveterate texter. All his sentences start with lower case letters. Enough to cause apoplexy in my grammar teacher. Mind you she was a strange woman. Smoked a pipe and had a beard and called herself Mr Jones. She was a good footballer though.

That just leaves the DreamHost staff now.

I saw your interchanges with IAmAtMyWitsEnd. My, they were long pieces. They should have been serialised. I got lost after a few sentences and could not work out who to vote for in the end, so count me as a ‘do not know’. :slight_smile:


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

They should have been edited! I’ve got to work at not getting sucked into those exchanges; the longer I type the more I butcher the language, misspell stuff, and commit other crimes against language. I don’t want “Mr. Jones” coming after me.

As for the Dreamhost staff, I think we can safely eliminate Josh. While there are plenty of exclamation points in this “spamster’s” posts, they are not applied with sufficient consistency for Josh to have been the author. :smiley:


If you are serously thinking about DH. Please read the threads.

In my opinion, its not the growing pains thats the killer, its the support people. Sometimes they can be nasty bastards.
Just my opinion. I’m already looking elsewhere.

Beware of DH employees in forum spinning the truth. Easy to spot them, since normal people with a life would not spend all their time responding to threads in this forum. Think about it! :wink:

You’re bashing them because you work for one of their competitors.

See how stupid it sounds coming from the other direction, retard?

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with 96DOLLARSOFF promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with TAKESEILERSCASH.

WOW, what a long thread.

Just wanted to say my server has been down or running slow for 2 and half days now. Been really frustrated, but they say their working on it. So I’m trying to be patient.

Also, I would like to add that I had some exchanges with support, and most of the time they are quick to respond to server outages. But on other issues they have managed to really piss me off.

I asked them to install AWStats for me, because it is a necessity. And I offered to pay, but they were not willing to help at all.

I asked that they do something about the idiots who are promoting the $97 off coupons in the public forum. I wrote to them explaining that it is not helping the people who legitimately want to make money from referring traffic to dreamhost.

Anyone new will first see the frontpage ad, which is larger than life about the $97 affiliate program. Then they will hit the public forum and get seiler the retard promoting his $97 off coupons.

Just don’t understand how seiler can earn any money with a $97 off coupon when the dumb bastard only gets $97 from the referral anyways.

But my point is why refer traffic as an affiliate when some retard is going to give them a coupon for $97 and you get zip?

Anyways, I kinda have to agree with dreamhost-sucks that normal people do not spend all their time in DH forum, unless they are an employee or don’t have a life.

When was the last time you got laid anyways seiler?

Maybe you need some porn or something?

No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:

If it is a necessity, why don’t you just install it yourself, or hire a web professional to do it for you? Probably didn’t take the time to read anywhere on the Dreamhost site that Dreamhost does not “support” third-party scripts. Uh huh.

Why should Dreamhost give a rat’s ass who they pay the $97.00 to; they get the benefit they wanted (a new subscriber) no matter who get’s paid - it costs them the same. Duh!

Right! You felt a bit more charitable back in January when you thanked wjd for the $97.00 off promo code you used to sign up. What made you change your (puny) mind? Was it realizing that seiler actually gives (as did wjd) the benefit of a discount to the new customer instead of greedily putting the money in his own pocket? I suppose that can be a difficult concept for the feeble minded to embrace.

Ah, how cute. Once again proof that there is someone for everyone. I just love it when the mentally-challenged find “online buddies” - kinda reminds me of a bunch of “tweens” IM’ing away on AOL. Sweet! Of course, there are those that can multitask, spare a minute or two throughout the day to try to answer posts for users needing help (well, ok, and sometimes play with trolls and fools :wink: ) while having a life, getting laid, and getting some work done. Same kind of people who would rather give a “newbie” a price break than pick up an extra couple of dollars in an “affilliate” program.

[quote]When was the last time you got laid anyways seiler?
Maybe you need some porn or something?[/quote]
I’ve always loved porn, and I have always thought it got a “bad rap” from those who blame porn for all kinds of anti-social behavior, mental defects, and other societal ills. However, looking at the previous posts of this “pornster”, makes me wonder if they have (please say it ain’t so!) a point… This thread, which represents the bulk of jazzman’s participation on these forums, has got to make one wonder. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a string of posts that so consistantly reinforce, post after post, how little one has to know about all things hosting to call oneself a webmaster.

I figured I had better close that last tag…it seems I was inadvertantly making a pretty good case that porn does “rot minds”. Or, maybe the worst thing about supporting “porn on the web” is that is funds idiots like this, and encourages them to play webmaster in search of profits (100,000 “hits”, oops, I mean “unique visitors” a month to a porn site and is worried about “affilliate referrals” and can’t afford a dedicated server - this guy couldn’t make money if you gave him the keys to the mint).

Ya know, seiler, I think he has a thing for you… kinda like the girl in third grade that makes a face every time you walk by because you get her “flustered”, and complains bout you to her friends because she can’t get you out of her mind. :wink: .

"off to Google to research why I shouldn’t give up porn"

Your not getting any either are ya there rlparker? :smiley:

Little too much for the curious about DH.

You sure are racking up the sales with this one.

The rats are out tonight.

No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:

Oops! Left off a closing tag…

…there! Now, Back to searching for porn sites with more content! than a splash page… :smiley:

Don’t forget to wash your hands when your done there parkerboy :smiley:

No stinkin coupons for you. Jazzman :cool:


We just figured it was someone you were training to fill in for you when you’re on vacation.>

wow, you guys really are on the ball :wink:

he is my “dreamhost sucks bot” :stuck_out_tongue: and is programmed to self destruct in 5…4…3…2… :stuck_out_tongue: - seriously though, it’s one thing to have some gripes with something, i deplore hypocrisy and especially troll tactics aimed at possible financial gains


I am not of the conspiration mindset, and DH has had some issues from time to time…just that a REAL person with a REAL issue would be someone like me that actually spends some time writing out my tyrannical diatribes.

Dude, if you can play muscial nose flute, you definitely should upload it to the google video base and stream it for everyone to see :slight_smile:

Ouchie…and i was beginning to consider you a human counterpart because of the whole musical nose thingie :stuck_out_tongue:

<Plus, he said it was not him.>

Hello, forum virgin…my name is Billy Hammer and I will be taking your virginity this evening :stuck_out_tongue: - Seriously though, don’t believe everything you read…and I know you don’t and I am only kidding with you :wink:

<My new top suspect is the bloke who weighs the sprouts in the local shop called ‘The Happy Shopper’. See the connection?>

Is that some sort of DH grocery store? :stuck_out_tongue: With using words like “bloke”, you are either a “fair dinkum” in which I should speak s l o w e r :wink: or you are of the “pommy” variety and there is truly no hope for you :slight_smile:

Speaking of “sprouts”, anybody else think Melanie Martinez was given a raw deal with regards to her firing from the “good night show”? (Unless you are a parent of a toddler, you will think i am smoking sprouts for such an obscure reference :p)