Long filenames in file listing

What you do to display a directory of files available for downloading when the file names are too long to display usefully with the standard directory display: http://ykfp.org/publications/edt/ Is there an .htaccess file directive to do this? Occasionally I use a shell script http://duff.geology.washington.edu/ls2html to make dressed up directory listing but this script can’t handle the long windows file names with imbedded blank characters.

I have it looking better now. I looked at Apache docs, and found I could do a lot of interesting things with IndexOptions in a .htaccess file. But I couldn’t get FancyIndexing or HTMLtable to work.

First you need to make sure you are reading the appropiate Apache documentation. DreamHost is running v1.3.27, and you can find the documentation at Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3, specifically the mod_autoindex module.

I visited that directory, and you already have FancyIndexing turned on. With FancyIndexing off, the output is just an HTML unordered list. If you would like icons, you need to upload some and then use the AddIcon directive to set them up.

As for HTMLTable, that option is available in Apache v2.0.23 and later.

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Well, yes, reading the correct documentation version would help. That explains a lot. I think I used to know a trick to see what Apache version is running. Oh yeah, /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -v works on the installation I did on my Solaris box, but I’m not permitted to find or run httpd on kiki.dreamhost.com

I guess then that DH has FancyIndexing turned on in the httpd.conf file. I’ll have to try turning off FancyIndexing on this directory to see what it looks like.

Where do you get icons to use with AddIcons?

We’re using 1.3.27 and 1.3.29. /dh/apache/template/bin/httpd -v will work just fine.

Iconbazzar.com ?

I guess I don’t understand AddIcons. I got some icons for excel files as png, put a .htaccess file on the directory ykfp.org/publications/edt2 that contains:

IndexOptions NameWidth=55
AddIcon …/…/msicons/excel_2003_01.png .xls

but the icon is way too big. Changing its size in Fireworks doesn’t reduce it at all on the directory listing. Or is that how png is?

Never mind. I was just getting my file names confused.