Login to Site Stats

Ok. I am pretty embarassed but I cant find simple information. I am crawling but you know what they say about walking. What password do I use to login to my site stats? Is it the set that I use to log int to dreamhost or is the set I use for the FTP?

That all depends on your configuration (for instance, for me, they are the same). You can check how your it set up, and add additional users/passwords for stats viewing authorization, from the COntrol Panel -> Stats -> Site Statistics screen. Just click on the little icon next to the number of users beneath the “# of users w/Access” column adjacent to the domain in question, and you will see which user(s) have access and you can add additional users and/or change the password.


For me the username wasn’t any normal username (like my panelid or other names) it was a name they assigned based off account info in the form FirstnameLastname1. It is a little confusing to find at first, but you have to click ‘edit’ in the Server Stats section since there is no ‘add’ button, and then change the username and it will create another user.

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