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Dear dreamhost,

Please see my image (attachment)
i can login to whopper.dreamhost.com but when login and see text “all activity may be logged by DreamHost web hosting” my putty is gone and than i must open putty program again but putty gone again, i try use winscp but that always same.

can you help me?

thank you

Do you have shell access enabled for the user?

Users -> Manage Users, then edit the user that you’re trying to login with. Make sure user account type is set to “Shell account - allows FTP plus ssh/telnet access.”

If that doesn’t help, maybe Putty will tell you more if you click “Never” for “Close window on exit.”

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Just FYI, this is NOT an official method of contacting DreamHost or their support staff. We are all customers here, just as you are.

That said, hopefully seiler’s advice will resolve your issue :wink:

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configure putty to no close on exit… better one you have your user configured to use shell? or ftp only if is the latter you need to enable shell access…

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Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
i can login now

this forum very helpfull i like it

thank you guys

You’re welcome.

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