Login script works on test server but not on Dreamhost

Hi folks,

I created a login page for my site which works fine on my test server (WAMP 3.2) running MySql and PHP. When I transefer the files (connection script and login page) to my Dreamhost server nothing seems to happen when I submit the form. I don’t even know where to begin troubleshooting it as I am not getting any errors, just “nothing”.

I am not sure where the difference between my test server and Dreamhost is. I am running the same PHP version on both and I made sure that I changed the HOST and PORT on my connection script before uploading. Here is my script in case anyone sees something I missed:

-------------------------------------BEGIN CODE----------------------------------------
Connection Script:


//$hostname_conn_lcp = "localhost";
$hostname_conn_lcp = "my.dreamhost.sql.hostname";
$username_conn_lcp = "username";
$password_conn_lcp = "password";
$database_conn_lcp = "db_name";
$port_conn_lcp = "3306";

$conn_lcp = mysqli_connect($hostname_conn_lcp, $username_conn_lcp, $password_conn_lcp, $database_conn_lcp, $port_conn_lcp);

// Check connection
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
  echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();


Login Script:

<?php require_once('Connections/conn_lcp.php'); ?>


// *** Validate request to login to this site.
if (!isset($_SESSION)) {

$loginFormAction = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
if (isset($_GET['accesscheck'])) {
  $_SESSION['PrevUrl'] = $_GET['accesscheck'];

if (isset($_POST['userName'])) {

  $MM_fldUserAuthorization = "";
  $MM_redirectLoginSuccess = "parent-pages/parents-lcpwaxhaw.php";
  $MM_redirectLoginFailed = "portal-login.php?status=loginfailure";
  $MM_redirecttoReferrer = false;

  mysqli_select_db($conn_lcp, $database_conn_lcp);
  $LoginRS__query=sprintf("SELECT UserName, password FROM tblusers WHERE UserName='$loginUsername' AND password='$password'"); 

  $LoginRS = mysqli_query($conn_lcp, $LoginRS__query) or die(mysqli_error($conn_lcp));

  $loginFoundUser = mysqli_num_rows($LoginRS);
  if ($loginFoundUser) {
     $loginStrGroup = "";
  if (PHP_VERSION >= 5.1) {session_regenerate_id(true);} else {session_regenerate_id();}
    //declare two session variables and assign them
    $_SESSION['MM_Username'] = $loginUsername;
    $_SESSION['MM_UserGroup'] = $loginStrGroup;       

    if (isset($_SESSION['PrevUrl']) && false) {
      $MM_redirectLoginSuccess = $_SESSION['PrevUrl'];  
    header("Location: " . $MM_redirectLoginSuccess );
  else {
    header("Location: ". $MM_redirectLoginFailed );

----------------------------------END CODE-------------------------------

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The DH servers are setup for production, so by default they don’t show PHP errors. Here’s the help article on viewing error for development:

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for your reply. I read the help article you recommended and accessed the logs as indicated. Unfortunately there are no errors being generated that I can see. I looked from the previous day as well and I didn’t see any errors either. I successfully replicated the issue on your server and I can see in the access log that page access but there were no php errors generated on the error log.

This makes sense because as far as I can see, there are no issues with my code. There are NO ERRORS generated when I run my code on my test server and the pages work as expected. My test environment is setup to the same specs as the Dreamhost server so I don’t know what the difference is.

If there is some requirement that I am overlooking with regard to my server connection script, I don’t see what that is as I have followed to the best of my ability the requirements from the Dreamhost knowledge base.

I am truly stumped and with no errors I don’t even know where to begin.


Hmm, you’re right that help page is fairly broken. You should be able to see errors in-page by setting display_errors in your script. Here’s an example with several errors:




The output will look like this:

Warning : readfile(I-Dont-Exist): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/user/example.com/test.php on line 6

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function NotDefinedFunction() in /home/user/example.com/test.php:8 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /home/user/example.com/test.php on line 8

That was exactly what I needed!!! THANK YOU!

There were some errors generated by my login script
“Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent…”

I am going to dig into it now and I will let you know how it goes.

Best regards,

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