Login Incorrect


Okay I’m trying to log into the server using dreamweaver heres what I got

FTP Host : coprelude.net
Directory : coprelude/ <<< ???

Login : coprelud
Password : *********

checked passive FTP… keeps telling me its wrong… even tho I keep loggin in with the same login and password… when ever I use the online FTP server… help?


Another way to log into your FTP server is via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP. Are you able to open the folder there?

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The directory should also be coprelude.net.

My website


is the reg www.dreamhost.com Login Information different from the FTP login???

and I logged in the other day onto that WebFTP cuz I changed the index.html page… but now it’s not letting me login.


Do you mean the login info for DH panel?

The login info for DH panel is different from FTP login. You can check your FTP username and password via DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users. In DH, you can assign a same/different FTP user to each domain.

You can change the FTP user of a domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Web Hosting --> Edit. Here you see the FTP user of the domains.

Warning: if you change FTP user, the path to the domain will be changed. You will need to move the files to the new directory.

Do you mean you can’t get into WebFTP? You may want to try to have a new password for the FTP user and try again. Make sure it is your FTP username and password.

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