Login Email & PW

I’ve been recently hired by my company to set up their new website and email addresses. But they still have an old website that uses the same email addresses. No one knows the login or pw to login and turn the old website off. I’ve sent several messages to DreamHost, but have not received any replies.

Dreamhost will never give info to a 3rd party. “I’ve been recently hired by my company” makes it hard to figure out your relationship to that company. I suspect you mean you’ve been hired as a contractor. You would be better to have someone with the company make contact with dreamhost using an email address that dreamhost can make the association. If you have a 3rd party email address that can’t be associated with the account at all dreamhost will neither confirm nor deny the account exists, in short that means no reply to you.

If no one has any idea who created the dreamhost account you might try public WHOIS for the domain in question. If that doesn’t lead you in the right direction, then have someone with an email address within the domain make contact and ask how to recover the account. Dreamhost does have a procedure, just be aware it’s not quick, they must be very careful to not compromise the account.

By the way, why would you delete the mailboxes and set them back up again if they are the same?

Won’t do you any good. I’m not a dreamhost employee. They have green names in this forum.

I’ve already given you every hint that I know to help you.

You should edit your phone number out, no one from dreamhost will call you, trust me.

You can try contacting DreamHost, but you’ll need something which conclusively ties that account to you. Email address, payment information… it needs to be more than just “I swear that’s our web site”. We get quite a few people trying to hijack accounts, unfortunately, so we need to be really sure we’re giving access to the rightful owner.