Logging to my stats



I want to log in to my stats…


However when I put my username it doesn’t work…

What should I do?


You can access your stats via DH panel --> Status --> Site Statistics.

By default there is no username and password for accessing your stats. If you have set one, I believe it is via DH panel --> Goodies --> Htaccess/WebDAV. Here is the place you set password to protect a directory.

Note: the user to access your stats is not your panel login user.

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Actually, it can be.

Go to your Panel Stats Page: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.stats&

Click on the Domain for which you’d like to view statistics.

If you receive a password popup, enter your Panel username/password i[/i]

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Hmmmm, well it is on my domains. What it is NOT, is the FTP user for the domain (unless I add it!) :wink:



Hey, I think I am out-of-date!

I remembered I had to use htaccess/webdav to protect default stats folder. By default, there is no password to protect it.

So now the default password is the panel password?

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For me, the “mydomain.tld/stats” folders were already protected by apache basic authentication using .htaccess without me having to do it, and my web id (user/pass combination) worked as default access credentials.

For most of my domains, I have since added the ftp user/pass combo as additional credentials, just to avoid confusion. :wink:



I think I found my problem. I am always using AWStats.

For stats, you can access it via DH panel --> Status --> Site Statistics WITHOUT keying any password. But if you access via http://www.yourdomain.com/stats from a browser, you will be prompted to key in a username and password. And this is your panel username and password. Finally… :slight_smile:

For AWStats, there is no username and password be default. So you can access it via http://www.yourdomain.com/awstats directly from a broswer. UNLESS you protect awstast folder using htaccess/webdav.


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That makes sense … awstats is not installed by default while analog is installed by default, and you have accurately described how that works! :slight_smile:



I never set password. I think it default to password. Less everyone can access my stats.

I go to DH panel --> Status --> Site Statistics and they ask pasword again.

If the user to access stats is not the same with login user then what is it?


hmm… did you check DH panel --> Goodies --> htaccess/webdav? Did you set a password here on the directory?

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Maybe I’m somewhat misunderstanding here but here’s my two cents worth (although maybe its not even worth two cents)…

…your stats password is (as far as I can remember) originally set as your frist 6 chars of your panel log in, and the same password.

Now if you’re still having problems logging in, log into your web panel, go to the site statistics section (https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=status.stats&) and you should see your domains listed there. You’ll also see a column “users w/access” with a number and a spanner symbol.

If you click on that spanner, it will list the users and you can edit those details (including both login name and password).

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Can, someone plz explain the terms in Stats…
I just want to find the page views and unique visitors :frowning:

What does it mean…
Successful requests: 12,907 (12,080)

hits/page views


In the example you provided, the first number corresponds to the total number of requests since the statistics package was first run. The second number (in parentheses) is the total number of requests in the last 7 days. A “request” occurs each time a resource (web page, image, stylesheet… anything) is requested from your site.

“Page views” is covered under Successful requests for pages, but the Analog software is not sophisticated enough to give you data on unique visitors. The closest you can get is Distinct hosts served in the daily and monthly versions of the reports (if you have those activated).

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Oh I see, So, does successful Requests 12,907 mean there were 12,907 page views…

Or is it a more complex, like say opening a site once calls 40 requests (image, html, java)
so the total page view is 12,907 / 40 = ***


If I view a single page of my website, it will generate a single “page request” but about a dozen “successful requests” because of images, external stylesheets, external JavaScript, etc. The second time I visit the page, it will generate another “page request” but (possibly) less “successful requests” because some of those resources may have been cached. Do you follow me?

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What Simon said!

Plus, if you look closely, the default DreamHost “stats” program (analog) has a count for “Successful requests for pages”, which is always a lower number than the “Successful requests” count :wink:



Yup, found it, Thanks :slight_smile:

Successful requests: 12,907 (12,080)
Average successful requests per day: 1,105 (1,725)
Successful requests for pages: 3,135 (2,884)

owww, its 4 times lower [sad]


BTW, from your original post:

You have found the page views, but Analog does not track “unique visitors”.

You will need another mechanism to do that (use of cookies, sessions, etc.), and that is a pretty big subject, which should be a thread of its own. :wink:



As sort of an aside to… pretty much all of this, I’ve become quite enamored with Google Analytics. In addition to all of the usual statistical information that you’ll get from Analog, GA also does unique visits and collects geographical data. Its interface also has some pretty cool interactive charts.

Its main downside is that it relies on a litte bit of javascript to get its work done, so it may not be suitable for every website and it’ll miss page hits from browsers with javascript disabled or that use certian ad blocking rules.

I know this is a bit off-point from the original question, but it sounds like GA has something to contribute here and will be a lot easier to get set up and running than hacking together some home grown unique visitor tracking solution.


Does a domain have to registered with DH for the basic analaog domain.com/stats feature to work?

I have a few domains hosted on my DH account and the only domain.com/stats feature not to work is registered with GoDaddy???