Logging into ajaxplorer

Hi there, I am a complete newbie to this and i am having some problems using Ajaxplorer. First off I can not login. A screen comes up asking for Host, Port, Login, And Password. Ive tried everything and cant figure out how to log into this. Any form of help would be nice. Please be detailed. Thanks, Coular1.

HOST = ftp.yourdomain.tld
PORT = 21
Login and Password are the ones you have set for the user you set that manages your domain.

You can create and edit the user account here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=users.users&

Hey hey!

If you still have the email we sent you when you created your account/FTP user, you can access your login credentials there. Otherwise:

Host: yourdomain.com or yourwebserver.dreamhost.com
Port: 21
User: your FTP user found by your domain on the Manage Domains page
Password: The password you’ve set up, which you can reset on the Manage Users page by clicking “Edit”

Also very helpful: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ftp#Getting_your_FTP_Login_Credentials