Logging in to Junk webmail account

I’ve enabled the Junk Filter on one of my domains, and it seems to be doing a reasonable job. However, I’m having a LOT of difficulty reading mail with the webmail interface at http://webmail2.dreamhost.com/

I can log in, and the left hand side bar shows up with the mailbox list. However, 9 times out of ten, the main page will not load. My browser (I’ve tried a few now) just sticks at “loading” or “transferring data…”. I’ve left it for several minutes, and there is no server timeout, the browser just keeps churning away waiting for data.

I really need to edit my Junk Filter options, but haven’t been able to for a couple of days now.

Richard Smith
Drawing Business

I sometimes see that the right pane keeps loading for long times. I think this is because there are LOTS of mails to list.

You can see the left pane. So click on the DRAFTS folder - this is practically empty so it should load within seconds. From there, you will see the normal options etc. at the top of the right pane, and you can edit your settings.

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Thanks Torben. I’ve actually only got 1 message in the Inbox, and about 30 in quarantine, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I left the page loading, and when I checked back about 20 minutes later the right pane was complete. Now that it has loaded, it refreshes really quickly when I switch folders.

It just seems to be that first load that takes several minutes to complete.

Richard Smith
Drawing Business

For what it’s worth, I have the same problem. It comes and goes - when the main pane isn’t loading I know to try back 8 hours later. Any other attempts are futile.

When it does load it loads quickly. I can wait an extra day to delete my junk but this would be annoying if there was a legitimate e-mail caught in the junk filter that I needed to read.