Logging in to DreamHost

Dreamhost seems to accept my username and password, but the screen blinks and shows a blue rectangle that says “Sign in to your account” with a “Sign in” button. I click on the button, the screen blinks, and returns to the same image. Over, and over again. I’m unable to access my Dreamhost dashboard.

The suggestions listed in “Your topic is similar to…” are old, the first in the list is 11 years old.

Hi, James.

I’ve only been using DreamHost for about a year. I have seen such behavior on other sites, but never here. It sounds like an endless re-direction loop, which may be caused by corrupted data in your browser cache, or by a cookie file that has been stored incorrectly.

– Clear your browser’s cache memory and try again.
– If that doesn’t work, clear all your cookies and try again.
– If that doesn’t work, send e-mail to DreamHost Customer Support Team support@dreamhost.com and ask them to get you unstuck.

I’ve got my fingers crossed!
D. Bryant

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If you are still not able to log in after the recommendations here please be sure to let us know by filing out a support request with this form here:

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