Where are the logfiles of my site and how do I download them?


The log files are available in your /logs/ directory. Log into your root directory using FTP and you should see a list of directories. One of those should be /logs.

Move into your /logs directory and you should see folders named after your domain. Move into any one of these directories to view the raw log files for that domain.

If you want to view a graphical interface to your log files (most definitely recommended, unless you’re going to re-analyze them on a local system) point your web browser to


Obviously replace yourdomain with the domain you want logs for. You will be asked for an username and password. Use your NDN ID username and password.

If you need to give access to more users to your log files, or if you need to change what the log analyzer logs and how thorough it does, go to:


From there you should be able to modify the reports Analog produces and change the number of days the raw logs are kept on your system.

Hope this helps.