Log of outgoing/incoming emails?

Is there a log file stored somewhere that I can view (with at least) subject/to/from info of all outgoing mail and incoming mail from my account?

I am mostly interested in seeing logs of outgoing mail used from scripts that use “sendmail” from within my account.


As for mail being piped out through sendmail, try


To do the same thing for incoming mail is a bit trickier. You would have to have mail sent to an address that forwards to your shell user address. And you would have to have postfix forward the message to a script from there.

:cool: openvein.org -//-

Thanks, I think that is what I need but I was looking for something that is already setup at dreamhost.

[quote]You can get the script at:

You should save this file as /usr/local/sbin/sendmail_logged.
It looks like I have to add these scripts to the usr/local/sbin/ path, which I don’t think I have access to?