Log in problem with Squirrelmail & content advisor

No one can log into Squirrelmail when IE’s content advisor is enabled. I’ve added the webmail url and dreamhost’s url to the allowed sites list. It makes no difference. Whenever content advisor is enabled and I try to log in, both frames load with the error “You must be logged in to access this page” in each frame.

This is a computer used by many kids so disabling content advisor is not an option. Please help!

You’ll probabably need to submit a support ticket on this. We’re just customers like you.


I’m not sure. but is it possible to create two user accounts with different settings of the explorer?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I think the easiest work-around until this is resolved is to install Firefox and use it only to access squirrelmail. Kind of a hassle, but at this point it seems like the easiest option.

I did submit a support request. Have not heard from them yet.

ya… DH works better in Firefox.

I also have problem to add ftp users in IE. but it works fine in Firefox.

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