Locked out of my account!

I attempted to log in today and received the following message:

“Temporarily locked out due to excess incorrect login attempts.”

This was my first attempt today. I logged in successfully a couple of days ago. I need to make some urgent changes to a client’s account. I’ve tried the password reset but that still would not let me in after I changed my password. You definitely need a phone number for people to call you in cases like this.

UPDATE: I am logged in now. Ignore this. But you really should have a phone number for customers to call you on for emergency cases. Thanks.

How did you get past the error? I get the same. @MrLopez

I am wondering too.

Did a reset do the trick? Did you clear your browser cache? Did you use a different computer?

What attributed to your login success?

I reached out to dreamhostcare on twitter. They responden there so it might be fixed soon for me.

We apologize for the inconvenience, if you continue to have this issue we suggest that you open a support request. Due to the sensitivity in account verification issues we do not have a phone number for verification issues.

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