Locked out of email and control panel

My account was apparently compromised over the weeked by spammers who used it to relay spam. I changed the password yesterday and was able to log in. However, today I am no longer able to log into that account and can’t get an IP authorization to log into the panel to change the password because the authorization would go to that email address. Everything I’m finding states I MUST use the panel to contact support. How does one contact dreamhost when they are locked out of the panel?

Right here:

It tells me to log into the panel if I select tech support. I sent a message to sales requesting they forward it to tech support.

The best choice for the contact form is the non-intuitive “Other” which goes to support.

That’s what I did originally, but no replay. I thought someone at sales would see it and try to help out, but that doesn’t look like it works either.

Hello Ke6ka,

Thank you for contacting us for support, we strive to answer all tickets within our 24 hour guarantee. You can reach us here: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/ for help getting logged in.

Please select the “other” option from the drop down and include an email you have access to. Let us know as soon as you do so and we can get it escalated. OR if you have already done that please let us know the name and email address it was submitted under and we can look into the status,

Matt C


I sent the email yesterday. The email address given is one with a ke6ka.com domain.



I see that our account verification team already sent you an email update and will get back to your reply ticket ASAP.