Locked Out of Account


So I lost my phone and, with it, my two-factor authentication for the Dreamhost Panel. I’ve sent 2 messages to DH this week trying to request some help and haven’t heard anything. I’m posting this here to hopefully get somebody’s attention so I can get logged back in :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!

How did you send your messages?

Use this form: http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/
and select “forgot password” in the dropdown to reach the correct people to assist.

Thanks! I did use that form but can’t remember which option I chose. I went ahead and re-ran it to see if that’ll help. Hopefully I can get back in before the weekend…

Thanks again!

Also make sure the email account you used on your forum signup is the same email used for your dreamhost account. Likewise make sure you are using the email account you log into dreamhost when filling out the form.

Dreamhost seems to ignore anything they think is fraud. If your contacting from one email address and it’s not listed on your account, even if you reference the listed one they may just assume it’s someone trying to take over your account.

The security requirements to regain access to an account are very tight, if they weren’t it would be the weakest link in two-factor authentication.

Thanks, yeah I went ahead and set up everything with that same email to avoid any confusion. I’d rather have there be better security for sure, I just will be less of an idiot next time and backup my mobile auth. info :slight_smile:

Well I got a reply on Friday asking for my security info. I sent it off about an hour later, and haven’t heard anything back since :-/ hopefully some DH people read this and can help out? This is really the only problem I’ve had with them.