Locked out. No one can help

Hi: I have spent the last week trying to get help. I cannot access my account at WP.org. www.drsheilaherenow.net

I rejects my password; it won’t let me pick a new password (can’t reuse that password so soon) even though I have never used that password before.

All the codex, forums, home pages and a million other attempts all require that I be onto my site.

So, I signed up for Dream Host thinking this might unlock things. It’s just as complicated as WP from a start up point. I don’t know how to do all that ‘back end’ configurations.

So. I am stuck. And, there is no one to call, pay, cajole or otherwise engage into how to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated as I am disgusted!


Your site isn’t hosted with DreamHost — we have no access to your current web site. You will need to contact the web host that you’re currently with to change your WordPress password.

I do see that you’ve recently signed up with DreamHost. If you’d like to move your hosting to us, that’s fine (we think you’ll probably be happier here anyway), but moving everything over will be a separate step from just signing up. Contact our Support team for help getting things moved over.

I’m not sure where you’re trying to log in. Are you going to http://www.drsheilaherenow.net/wp-admin ? wordpress.org doesn’t host your site - they don’t do that.

I don’t think anyone at DreamHost is going to be able to help you access your account at [font=courier]ipage.com[/font]…

Welcome to DreamHost! :slight_smile:

Follow AndrewF’s advice and contact Support via Panel - they are experts at getting things like WordPress sites moved over for you from other hosts and they can help with resetting your WP Admin password once the database is over here.


I see that you emailed our support team, but withdrew your ticket. Did you still need assistance? If so, feel free to contact us again or let us know here. We’ll be happy to help get you situated. :slight_smile: