Location of wordpress folders



Seems stupid but after accessing the server via ftp I cannot find the wordpress folders anywhere. /var exists but no /var/html/ or the like is there and no wordpress folders. what am i missing? any help appreciated.


Yours would be in /home/user/domain.tld/ actually.

If you need more help, you can tell me your domain name and I can tell you exactly where they are :slight_smile:


thank you for the very fast post! my /home/user folder does not contain domain.tld only /logs and /maildir. domain is myezkitchenremodel if that helps


You’re probably logged in as the wrong user :slight_smile: Go into your panel and click on Manage Domains


You’ll see the domain name, and the “Fully Hosted / User: MYUSER”

That’s the user you need to log in as to access the folders :slight_smile: