Location of Perl for FormMail


Anyone know the location of Perl for dreamhost???

I want to have formmail in my e-mails… but the


doesn’t seem to work with formmail within an e-mail…

any help appreciated!



which says it is /usr/bin/perl

You can double check by using “whereis perl” in shell

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I think what you need to do is to create an HTML form and add it to the email message to feed the information for sending to the script.



If you want to roll your own formmail script, you could use a plain link in your email message, like http://mysite.com/mymailscript.pl putting the path to perl in the shebang line of your script.

Not sure why you would do this rather than just adding a reply-to header in your email message. If the recipient has an email client, why would they need to use formmail?