Locating Webmail Folders on FTP for Email Migrate


Greetings and thanks in advance for taking a look at this post,

On my local system I have copies of my old emails from a different webhost that I am working to migrate to my DH account. I read through the email import page on the wiki (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/E-mail_Import) and I think I’ve wrapped my head around the shell installation of mb2md and the process specified there. I created the new user with shell account and then an email account with the same username at the target domain, sent some test emails and logged in to squirrelmail to verify that the account was working, which it is. From the wiki it seems to me that the next step is to locate the Maildir directory for the webmail account on my server and ftp all the old mail files to it. Am I following the right road so far?

For the first pass I thought that since the old files originally came from a host running Squirrelmail as well, and the file format appears to match the maildir format (as described here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Converting_mbx_to_Maildir_format), perhaps I could put the files right in the Maildir folder and they’ll just show up. I haven’t been able to make this approach work yet. One major concern is that I might not uploading my files to the correct folder. This concern is based on the fact that, in spite of all the test emails I sent to the new webmail account, I see no files whatsoever in the Maildir subfolders (there should be something here somewhere if the email account has messages accessible through Squirrelmail and this is the correct Maildir folder, right?).

For my second pass, just in case I was wrong about the format of my original files, I did install mb2md in my user folder (the instructions say to install to the /home directory but I was denied permission to wget in my /home directory), converted the old files, and then moved them to the Maildir folder. No imported emails showing up in Squirrelmail yet.

I became concerned again that I might not be putting my files in the correct folder. At one point the Email Import wiki article mentions a DH webmail server, spaceymail-master.dreamhost.com. Is it this server, or some webmail server other than mine that I need to gain access to? I’ve combed through the webpanel for my account but have yet to see a separate webmail server listed anywhere. How do I find out which webmail server I’m on and gain FTP access to that server? Or am I just barking up the wrong tree with this line of thinking?

Thanks for your help and any hints as to which direction to head on this one!



Maildir is no longer kept in the user’s home directory. It’s now on another server not accessible except by POP or IMAP.

The best approach would be to use an IMAP client such as Thunderbird and sync your home mail to the server.

Here an entry from the wiki:



Wonderful, thank you Scott. That was definitely the piece of information I needed.

I contacted the DH support and they were able to transfer my Maildir format files from my server to the webmail server. All is working splendidly.

Thanks again!