Localisation problem in web interface


I’ve noticed sometimes web interface elements are shown in russian (I think) instead of english or my locale (spanish).

When I reload instance pages, some elements turn to english and some other change to russian.

I have two captures but I don’t know how to paste them here.


That is unusual. If you wish, you can create a support ticket (DreamCompute is at the very long list of categories), and then there is an form to select and attach files.


Then I’ll get those shared with the developers. This likely won’t be as quick to fix as the quota issue just a moment ago though, but I’ll keep you up to date once the ticket is created.

Ok fine! I’ll write a ticket … Anw, this does not block my tests, of course.


So bizarre…

Looks like this was a strange cache issue that we think we’ve fixed. Let me know if you’re still seeing unexpected languages in the dashboard.

We’ve seen this problem happen again even after we had a potential fix in place. For now, we’re going to disable language translations since we’ve found this is an outstanding upstream bug in OpenStack Horizon. We’ll update the known issues!