Localhost connection

I operate a phpBB and have integrated an X7 chat room with it. I now want to place a, “who is on line” script in my header.

As I perform the modification, there is a part of the script calling for, “localhost”. Do I simply place www.mydomainname.com in that part of the script?


Exactly what you should put in place of “localhost” depends upon the script, and what “localhost” is referring to, but it will not be “localhost” on Dreamhost.

To know for sure, I’d need to see the lines surrounding the reference. Many times, you should put your mysql host name there (mysql.yourdomian.tld), but again, without knowing what the script is doing, that is only a guess. :wink:


TY for you reply. I have copied the partial script in hopes you will advise:

<? //connect to mysql //change localhost, username and password to your mySQL username and password mysql_connect("localhost","My UserName","My Password");

No problem! The information you supplied is what I needed to see to say for sure. :wink:

You should replace “localhost” with the name of your MySQL host for your database. If you don’t remember it, you can find it on the Control Panel–>Goodies->Manage MySQL screen. Just note the “hostname” associated with your database, and include that in place of “localhost” and you should be good to go!. Good Luck! :slight_smile: