Locale problems

After my website came back up last night, I realized that:
setLocale(LC_TIME, ‘fr_FR’)
was no longer working.
I tried playing a bit around with:
but with no success :frowning:

Anyone else having the same issue? Any idea what happened last night?

Thx a lot

  • Bleizig

I’m having the same problem… it seems that the only working locale is en_US

DreamHost admins take a look at this solution:

you may have encountered that setlocale is not working at all, even though you have the files in the /usr/share/locale directory and everything was fine before the upgrade. in this case look at the /etc/locale.gen file, which contains the generated locales. if it is empty, you do not have any useful locales. to generate the needed locales run ‘dpkg-reconfigure locales’ as root and select the locales you need.

I need “es” :wink:

yes, guys, locale was screwed up on the upgrade. just go into ssh and type locale -a to view the available ones. I´ve sent this to the support team already and it´s in level 2. F**K!

Also i´m having a lot of permission problems… “cant lock files”. Anyone?

I had the same problem, I told it to support and they added es_ES lang…

No Setup Programs (in spannish, yes… I’m from Spain)