Locale info for Joomla?

I got problems with showing content on my frontpage in joomla and I found out that it could be some conflict with the timeoffset info in global config mangaer

what timezone do you use there?

mine is -08 Pacific time and country locale is en_GB

any tips

I had similar problems with “missing” published content until I double checked my locale time setting in Global Configuration, locale, and found that while I had selected the correct time zone for my location (PDT UTC-8 California, USA), since my server was also in that time zone, I needed to set it to UTC 0.

Makes sense when you think of it as an “offset” for the difference between your local time and the time your server thinks it is…hence, some “published” stuff is not quite “live” when you think it is!

a lot more discussion re. this issue can be found at:


Try setting the locale time setting to the “difference” between your local time and the DH server time, and let us know how that works out, ok?

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