Local Server Path - What is it?

Hi there -

I’m using a script that requires that I add the “local server path to small images folder” to an admin field.

I’ve added the image folder…

But, I don’t know what the local server path would be on the site that I just set up.

I’ve seen some hints like:

But, I don’t get it.

Any ideas from the experienced DH crowd?

Thanks for your time.


atacama who runs the website wombatnation says that

my MT install uses a site path that he says is a no-no, but it’s something like this:
The only thing is that I don’t have a clue how you’d figure out that server name (.unbelievable) becuase that’s like a data glob running on a physical server or something… it’s not the server that the panel lists for my site. but I think the fist example should work for you.


this is mine

server im on is “yen”


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Thanks for the info.

Looks like I’m on .quid server, but my paths are still not working.


I’m trying to get my admin to write to the subimages (1 & 2) folders.

I don’t know what the deal is.

Thanks for the help guys. It was more than I knew.

have you enabled write permissions for thoes directories? that might be the problem, rather than an issue with the paths.


Yeah, I have.

I’ve double/triple checked them. 777 access from the main images directory on down.

I’ve been using a Dreamweaver extension to do it… and I can see that it’s being changed in the ftp logs.

I’m hopeful that I’m close… but I’m running out of stuff to try.

I also lowered my security level in dreamhost this morning, hoping that would help.

– Daz

did you try taking out ‘.quid’ and see if that works? I was looking back through some old posts, and the path should work just fine with out it.

.quid is what Jeff calls a dataglob and it’s possible that it can change from time to time. but /home/username/domain.com/ is suposed to keep working.

I am wondering if your script is not actually looking for the full site path, but just a path to the directory it’s going to write to, from it’s current location?


I’ve tried it both with and without .quid, though I’ll go and try it again anyway. I’m about 78% insane with this right now.


But, thanks for the tip.


Holy Crud!

I’ve tried this before, but I didn’t “save” my settings before attempting it. This time, it is doing something different, and actually MIGHT be working.

Thanks much for everyone who took the time out to advise me. I’m just a graphic/web designer with great pixels but little code powers.


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I recently had a similar problem to this one…
You can use some very simple PHP to get your local path.
Insert this snippet into your HTML/PHP document…

<? echo $DOCUMENT_ROOT; ?>

anywhere you place this in your HTML the local path to www.mydomain.com should be substituted. Sorry if this is eroneous… might not be what you need at all.


Thanks much.

It’s actually working now. I just needed to eliminate the servername, and all was well.

Thank you.