Local duplicate of dreamhost?

We’re trying to setup our local development environment to match as closely as possible the one Dreamhost provides us. Has anyone built a vmware or virtualbox appliance which duplicates DH?


From what I’ve seen there’s a couple different flavours of servers here.

Best bet would be to contact Support via the Panel so they’re aware of the server you’re on as they might be in a position to send you the configs they used when building it. They’re bound to have kept the info and scripts somewhere.

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thanks, I’ve done so.


Turns out this is an active feature request. Vote for a vmware appliance by heading over to https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg& and searching for vmware.

They also said:

You can actually find all of this information yourself using phpinfo()
and similar functions on the server. Luckily someone’s already gone
through the trouble and setup a site to reference these values etc… for
you : http://php.dreamhosters.com/